Getting Stuck
No Way Out

There are times when I get stuck. I simply don’t know what to paint, what to create. Its not the feeling of procrastination, or the fact I might not be good enough. I just seem to hit a brick wall.

It makes me feel like I am trapped in my brain and very guilty. I have the luxury of time, a lovely studio, all the tools that I need….

So I travel down the worm hole of Instagram and sometimes I see something that fires an idea, or they use a paint colour or pen, that makes me think “I want to try that”…. but then other times I am still stuck in my own brain.

Doodling doesn’t come naturally to me, but there are occasions where I think the pen just moves and something develops, which is what happened here.

“No Way Out”… that is what I think when I feel like this. I go round and round, rattle my chains and try and free those thoughts that satisfy my artistic muse. So I thought I would actually try and paint how I feel. I started off with paths that led nowhere. Then magically I tried to give it some depth, not sure how successful that was….. then I wanted to add colour, I was on a roll….wishing I had used better paper…. then the chain…. where did that come from? Ironically the chain was what made me feel free. My muse had sat up and was watching what I was doing with interest.

Actually looking at it, It really represented how felt at that time.

Not sure this painting will ever be a finished item. It didn’t need to be. I was happy, and feel released.

No Way Out