Moxy Child

Artist Statement

I find myself drawn to quirky images with dramatic lighting. 

My imagination is fired by the infinite artistic possibilities presented by the techniques of digital art creating a single image from many different layers of images and digital effects.

My preferred style tends to be a bit darker centering around creating images that are thought-provoking and literally darker and more contrasty and, as in my “Not so Grimm Fairy Tale” series, something which is both quirky and borderline sinister.

I love creating art where viewers have to seek the artist’s visual voice and the deeper meaning within, discovering new elements each time. I want to make people think and envisage their own story.

Whilst my work is mainly Digital Art, I am exploring other artistic avenues particularly those that involve layering such as abstract, collage and printmaking in my search to find my new artistic path to untether myself from the need for technology to produce my art.

My influencers include Shirley Trevena and Arthur Rackham, but the painting that has had the biggest impact is “An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump” a 1768 oil-on-canvas painting by Joseph Wright of Derby. The lighting is dramatic and there are several stories going on in different areas of the painting.

Dw i’n dysgu cymraeg


Until mid-2022 Moxy lived in South East England. Now a resident of North Shropshire Moxy has been able to dedicate more time to her art in a beautiful rural setting.

She has over 20 years experience of in both commercial and digital art photography.
During this time she also trained in a multimedia presentation company in areas including videography, video editing, and animation.

Exhibitions include :
Slade Gallery Hastings
Stables Theatre and Arts Centre Hastings
Financial Services Authority (now the Financial Conduct Authority) in Canary Wharf London
Zoom Arts Gallery
Museum of Kent Life

Moxy is gradually developing her digital art into material collage and Mono printing again, creating a visual voice through a myriad of layers.

Further information

Instagram @moxy.arts