I loved creating all the Grimms Fairy tale photos, and like all digital art, it takes many photos and artifacts to create the final image. This in itself all tells their own story in their creation.

This was an image I had in my mind right from the start. Cinderella sliding down the banister.

Finding the right banister, proved far harder than expected. Finally, I located the perfect one in a public building. I got the appropriate property release papers signed and took lots of photos.

Next I had to get Cinderella to be seen to be sliding down it. Well not in real life. Our model was positioned straddling a carpet roll and once we matched the angle the rest was achieved on the computer.

Then it was the matter of collecting and photographing images that make up the story, and of course adding a few ideas of my own. The dissolving dress, the partially eaten pumpkin, the melting stairs and as with all my images from the Grimms series the hidden key.

How Cinderella was created

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