Dorothy Harrison
Dorothy Harrison

What drives my art is the elusive notion of creativity where the exploration and its processes are more interesting and intriguing than the end result. In drawing I prefer to use very simple lines and minimal colour and unless I am following a brief for a particular exhibition, I have no plan just an intuitive starting point based on a broad tapestry or landscape. This provides a framework for latent images to find their place and a surface over which I metaphorically explore.

In ceramic sculpture I am developing a body of work which is a return to a method I began at art school which is smoke or pit fired work. I am moving away from endless glaze test tiles and line blends but my work with coloured slipware leaves me comfortable with developing oxide slips and more experimental firing.

I now spend a proportion of each week as an art tutor which is interesting on many levels: creativity and right brain thinking, art practice as a route to well being and the interaction between these three elements.

Dw i’n dysgu cymraeg

I was born in the North East but have lived and worked for most of my life in Mid and North Wales. I studied geology in Birmingham and then at The Open University where I was working. After many years in health and social work I trained at The North Wales School of Art and Design in Fine Art drawing and an MA in Art Practice focussing on ceramics.

I have been employed as a community artist and tutor several art groups in Wales and Shropshire where I now live. I work in schools and occasional voluntary classes ones for the Qube in Oswestry.

I am interested in the broad notion of creativity and process in art as it relates to drawing and sculpture. I have a long standing interest in traditional slipware and the history of the Buckley Potteries.