I think I’ve found my WAY yes, but first let’s look at how I got there. With the guidance of Dorothy, I started my journal. And here it all begins. The daily entries didn’t stop there I did side projects, online workshops, challenges etc.

The first few days consisted of sketching. I really enjoyed that. I had to really slow myself down though. I know that some people sketch with a view to recreating a final product later, but I wanted a beautiful start to my journal, and I have to say I was pleased with all but a sprig of holly.

Then in no particular order, there was watercolour. This didn’t go as well as the side projects. I couldn’t think why, then I realised my sketchbook really was for sketching and being wet made the paper wrinkle. I liked it, but it’s not something that grabs me and excites me.

I tried a bit of collage. I think that is something I may try again later on a bigger scale and maybe with more of a plan.

Neurographic art. Loved doing this. It was so so relaxing, but it’s not something I want to do regularly. I’ve seen some really beautiful art out there already, I don’t think I can add to it.

Doodling. I so envy people who can sit there and doodle. I am more likely to write something and make notes when I don’t need to write notes. I know it is a matter of practice, and then just letting go. Let time and space vanish. Unfortunately, I discovered Welsh and I found my scribblings are Welsh words that bounce and rattle around my head. I have bits of paper all around the house with words on them. Maybe I should create art around the words.

Other things include charcoal – nope. I am not sure I really like the feel of it, especially as you draw it across the page. I find I am really sensitive to this sort of thing, gelli plate, creating imaginary maps of imaginary places. Love this, I need to explore this a lot more. Along with my nemesis, perspective.

Another thing I really enjoyed was abstract art. Stuff that comes from my heart, my soul and my very being. Hard to do in a small journal, but I think it is what made me want to think big…. really big. I want to experiment and get messy. I love the fact it comes from me, there is lots of hidden stuff, you, the viewer may or may not see, it may tell a story, but it’s not obvious to every or maybe anyone, you have to stare and hunt me out – This comes second to the winner….

Lino cut. It is ironic isn’t it that this is not quite where I was expecting to end up and knowing the way I am wired, I am sure it is not the “end of the line”, but it is definitely a” mainline station”. It’s not just the end product that makes this a winner, in fact, it’s not the end product at all, it is the production of the art. In so far as what you see is what you get, there is nothing hidden unless it is in the design. Maybe I need to explore that. but why it is a winner you may wonder? Well, that is in my next blog….

Continuing the journey of my Artistic Path