About Awen Arts

About Awen Arts

We are a small group of artists based on the Shropshire border with Cymru. We share a website and collaborative space to bring different and complimentary skills to our artwork. Our hope is to bring together a range of art-making

The Awen Arts Symbol

The Awen Arts Symbol

Awen is a Welsh and Celtic word. It is a symbol of creativity and inspiration and is often an inspirational muse of creative artists. The symbol has three of each element which is a very sacred number in Celtic culture.

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Inspiration in and around North Shropshire and Cymru

North Shropshire and the surrounding areas has so much history and landscape feature from which we glean our inspiration.




Dorothy’s Exhibitions Oswestry Library 3rd January – 6th February 2023 This exhibition is predominantly ceramics with a few select pieces of wall art. Borderland Visual Arts Willow Gallery Gateway Arts Centre – Shrewsbury North Wales School of Art and Design

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What our Visitors say

What a talented digital artist Moxy is! Each piece tells a story, the more you look the more you see, a truly inspiring collection. I can’t wait to see what she creates next.

Karen Campbell

The detail in the line art simply took my breath away. After it was explained to me I was even more amazed

James Child

Examples of our Art

We work both collectively and individually to express an alternative and creative voice in our art.

Wall Art
Digital Art